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Real Comments from Real Customers

“Thanks for Save My Feet. I have never been able to ice skate without getting blisters! Now I can.”

Testimonial from an 11 year old

“My friends and I walked all over New York City for 3 days and never got a blister, thanks to Save My Feet! We will never leave home without it again!”

Peggy - Bowie, TX

“ Save My Feet saved me in Las Vegas this summer. Not only did it prevent blisters, it also prevented chaffing in sensitive areas when I was wearing cute skirts with bare legs and walking everywhere in the heat!”

Susan - Des Moines, IA

I am a runner and have tried everything, and I mean everything from vaseline, A&D ointment, bandaids, skin lube, and beleive it or not, duct tape, to prevent blisters. Nothing worked. Even a 3 miler left my feet on fire. My sister ordered me a bottle of your lotion and it passed the test today, a 6 mile run with no blisters! Thank you sis! And thank you Peaches & Boo Boo!

Stephany - Chesapeake, VA
I tried this product the first night it came in just to test it out and see if its claims really were true, could it be possible there was a miracle cream out there that would prevent those terrible aches and pains we all get from our beautiful shoes?
It really sounded too good to be true, so I bought it, wore the most painful (but absolutely fabulous) shoes in my closet and went out for the evening, and I have to say my feet felt at ease and were comfortable the entire night.
Your blister elixer did saved my feet!!I Was on my feet for four eight hour days at a recent trade show. I put on your lotion each day and my feet were not sore and blistery at the end of the day. I love Save my Feet Blister Elixer!!!
Mei-Wah, Los Angeles
I broke my ankle very badly a few years ago and it has left me with a very sore foot and a permanent blister on one toe no matter what shoes I wear. - The blister elixir is the greatest thing ever!!! When I use this product, I feel no pain or soreness - I am thrilled to find this product. Thank you so much.
I used SMF for my 20 year high school reunion. I wore silver stiletto mules with four inch heels. I was standing for over four hours and dancing for two more. My feet felt great! The only time I "had"� to remove my shoes was not because my feet hurt; it was because I was doing a cartwheel into the splits!
Nicole - Columbia, MO
Just thought I would let you know-I did not use my Blister Elixir today (forgot) and my feet are on fire! I am not going to make it through the day-I am going to have to go and buy some slippers in the gift shop downstairs.
Cheryl - Los Angeles, CA
I have really sensitive feet and every time I use Party Shoe Elixir they stay blister-free and very happy. Thanks for developing this much needed product.
Shana - London, England
I use Save My Feet Blister Elixir and I must say that for me it passed the "Airport" test and the "Walking more than one block in heels" test. Oh and one more thing.. a little goes a long way.
Sheri - Rapid City, SD

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