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Wear Every Pair of Shoes You Own...
and Never Get a Blister!
About "Save My Feet":

Save My Feet was developed by Peaches and Boo Boo founder, runner and self proclaimed shoe diva Cynthia Glasbrenner. While training for a marathon, she was introduced to a product that prevented blisters, but wasn’t exactly an upscale product that stylish women would be attracted to. She was inspired to develop Save My Feet Blister Elixir and 6 years later the product is sold in hundreds of stores and boutiques nationwide whose customers will forever be thankful for a product that prevents their beautiful shoes from giving them not so beautiful blisters!

In 2010, our company, Kilee Distributing, purchased Save My Feet after being the exclusive United States distributors for over 5 years and now look forward to introducing this great product to new generations for years to come. Kilee Distributing also represents a variety of unique beauty products aimed at making your beauty routine a little more simple! You can find these products at

Kim Ferguson

Greaseless - Stainless - Lasts Up To 8 Hours - Works Under Hosiery - Lightly Scented
Non-Medicated - No Animal Testing